Flooding disasters happen worldwide every year. Are you prepared to deal with the aftermath?  Welcome to Save Flood Insurance Agency Inc.  We provide private market alternatives to NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) policies.  Save up to 50% on your flood insurance premiums!

Why Save Flood Insurance Agency Inc?

  • Save 20-50% over NFIP premium prices
  • Our policies are accepted by lenders
  • Underwritten by A rated insurers
  • No Elevation certificate required

Residential Coverage
Protect your home and personal property with our comprehensive residential flood insurance.

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Commercial Coverage
Protect your business building and inventory with our commercial flood policies.

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Did you know? 26% of ALL flood insurance claims take place in so called “low risk zones”

Save Flood Insurance Agency Inc, founded in 2017, is here to provide affordable & exceptional flood insurance for the American consumer.  While not everyone may live in a high risk flood zone, that doesn’t mean your home isn’t at risk in a flooding event.  If you live in a high risk zone, you’re more than likely to require flood insurance if you have a mortgage.  However, even if you’re not in a high risk zone, flood insurance is still a good idea.  Remember that your regular homeowners policy does not cover flood events!

Our private market flood insurance has some excellent features that the NFIP does not.  To see a comparison of our policies vs the NFIP, click here.